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Arthur de Bok per 1 mei nieuwe CEO van Stage Entertainment

schedule17 maart 2017, 14:26 - Redactie
Arthur de Bok per 1 mei nieuwe CEO van Stage Entertainment

Stage Entertainment heeft aangekondigd dat per 1 mei Arthur de Bok de nieuwe CEO van het bedrijf zal gaan worden. Arthur de Bok volgt hiermee Just Spee op die op advies van zijn medische specialisten moest aftreden. Just Spee, die slechts 1 jaar CEO was van het bedrijf zal voorzitter van de raad van commissarissen worden.

Arthur de Bok is afkomstig van Mediq, leverancier van medische hulpmiddelen en zorg, hier zal hij worden opgevolgd door Christian Wojczewski.

"Stage Entertainment represents a great opportunity to lead one of the most dynamic and fast-growing companies in the live entertainment industry, both in terms of the quality of its people and its world class productions. I am very pleased to be joining the company at this exciting time and look forward to continuing the journey and taking Stage Entertainment to the next level" aldus de nieuwe CEO.

Joop van den Ende: "On behalf of the shareholders and employees, I am delighted to welcome Arthur de Bok to Stage Entertainment. We are very fortunate to have attracted a CEO of his calibre, which is testament to the reputation Stage Entertainment has in our industry. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Just for his enormous contribution so far, and am delighted that he will continue to support Arthur in the transition through his role on the Supervisory Board".

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